Client Testimonials

Every business partner that you brought to the table to assist us in these complicated processes has been nothing but excellent…We have upgraded leaps and bounds in our functionality, productivity and appearance with your assistance.

Leslie Lynch

Director, Human Resources, ypOne Publishing
I thought that, as an attorney, I should be able to negotiate a deal on my own, and thus realize the savings created by avoiding the commission…The first deal you brought to the table was for a space I previously tried to negotiate myself. You were able to bring it in for $250,000 less than I could…You continued to work the system to find a space. What you came up with was an unbelievably terrific space; significantly better…

Matthew G. Zagrodzky, VP

Vice President, Go Figure, Inc.

For the past twenty years, I and one other member of the firm have always negotiated our renewals, my belief being that we could, in fact, get a better deal than if we used the services of a company like your firm. The job you gentlemen did has completely changed my mind.


Browning Bushman, P.C.
As a very specialized consulting firm, we particularly appreciated your adherence to process, your attention to the minutiae and the detailed financial analysis that you brought to bear on our transaction.

Jeff Spilker

Valuation and Litigation Consulting, Hill Schwartz Spilker Keller, LLC

We were able to get a substantial improvement allowance, avoid the time and trouble of a move and reduce our occupancy costs by close to 40%. You guys really delivered!

Bob Briggs

President, Insite Objects, Inc.
I especially appreciate your calm counsel to hold off for a week on making a deal with the landlord. Your negotiating strategy produced not only an extra 30% in tenant improvements, but a further reduction in rental rate.

Mickey R. Davis

formerly with Davis, Ridout, Jones and Gestner, LLP
You performed far above what we are accustomed to seeing in the business world…You had pledged to help us through the entire process and you kept your word…Without your involvement the deck would have been totally stacked against us.

Ralph D. Hollingshead

Vice President, Iberia Management Systems, Inc.
We particularly appreciated your helping us find an architect, your participation in the space planning process, your help in negotiating our lease, and your positive attitude. Most of all, I appreciate “the service after the sale.” I look forward to working with you again.

Jeff Smith

Taylor Woodrow

During the negotiation, your understanding of what was important to each landlord (what was negotiable, what was not) helped us get what I believe was a great lease on Class A space, with favorable terms and value. As is our company’s style, we were aggressive in negotiation, but it was only with your help and advice that we were able to channel this aggressiveness where it was most effective.

Robert L. Suprenant

Vice President, L&T Infotech